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Spotlight Series:

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The SLC arts community is home to immensely creative queer artists of color, with very few platforms for these folx to explore their desires fully, in safety, with space to engage with fantasy and imagination.

Spotlight Series aims to widen perspectives and continue the thoughtful, flourishing conversations that were ignited this past summer.

The SLC arts community wanted more - more insight, more unpacking, more work - so let's go.

Join us in two parts:


A Podcast


A Duration

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A Podcast



A Podcast spotlights the brilliant
Alexandra Barbier and Gabriella Huggins.

These badass femme art fixtures in the SLC community discuss the “Black experience” and its perceived linearity. Why, based solely on their inherent Blackness, are they expected to have had the same lived experiences? 

Co-opting Blackness : What is “Black culture?”

And does it even belong to Black people? 
Trauma porn : Do I have to witness Black death to empathize with it?
Art as activism : Is it too much to ask of art that it do something?
Abstraction : Does art made by Black people have the space to be abstract? 

These topics and many more… addressed in A Podcast. 

Alexandra and Gabriella’s words speak to some very real truths. We hope that they spark thoughts, questions, and dialogue that further inform your daily approach.

Find A Podcast on SoundCloud

First episode --- Friday, April 16th

Second episode --- Friday, April 23rd


A Duration



spotlighting artists:

Alexandra Barbier

Dominica Greene

Masio Sangster

Mar Undag

Held on Zoom and streamed from the performers’ home spaces, the 4-hour durational event will showcase each artist’s individual, intimate, unfolding experience.

During the course of this come-and-go style performance, please pop in anytime you’d like. Pin a particular performer that you’re interested in sitting with, or take in each unique experience all at once by viewing the 4 performances in gallery view.

Recording of the event will be available soon.


Spotlight Series will be available to the public for free - accessibility is a priority for all A Shedding events.


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promotional material by:

Marissa Mooney

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A Podcast

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